Channel Manager

Connect your platforms and maintain them centrally.

With the Channel Manager, bookings are received into your room calendar automatically, so no more double-entry! Prices are managed centrally, and availability is kept up-to-date on your sales channels like, Expedia or Airbnb instantly, without you having to lift a finger!

Central management of your channels.

Few things are as time-consuming as maintaining the various portals. Unlocking the categories is a balancing act between the hope for more bookings through the presence on several platforms and the "game with fire" because of the danger of double bookings. This has come to an end with our Channel Manager.

Maximise your advantage!

Take back control of your room sales.  Offer your availability and prices at different levels across each of your sales channels, or at the same level; the choice is yours.

Simple to use!

With a few clicks you can make decisions about availability, prices and conditions on sales channels.  Automatic synchronisation between the channels ends the possibility of double bookings.

Booking overview at a glance!

All of your incoming channel bookings are easy to see, with full booking details.  Quickly visualise the comparative success of each channel with analysis of booking volume and revenue for any period.

Time is money! Stop wasting yours!

Activate your easybooking Channel Manager today; put an end to multiple maintenance tasks and the worry of double bookings.