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According to the motto “by accommodation providers for accommodation providers”, we have been developing solutions for tourism for decades.  Together with our partners and customers, we exist to fulfil the requirements and wishes of guests.

Our products and developments are determined by the needs and desires of our entire network.  The easybooking community is created from expertise, transfer of knowledge and innovation.  We are tourism.

Our platforms:

Support department

Always available to you, and always up to date for questions about your JULIA.  A competent voice on the other end of the line.  We are glad to support you with answers to technical queries, and to provide advice and help with questions beyond our products.


Because easybooking products and services are constantly being developed and improved, you will always be kept up to date.  We provide access to instruction guides, videos and online seminars to give you information and confidence using your systems.

User forum

Who understands you as an accommodation provider better than someone who is an accommodation provider themselves?

With our user forum, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas, take part in discussions and to learn from the tips and tricks of others.


In addition to product specific training, we pass on our knowledge of the tourism sector and are dedicated to sustainability and development in tourism.  Whether in tourism schools, universities, associations or tourisms organizations, we educate and promote the sharing of knowledge.

easybooking as a link

Representing a standard in the market, we see ourselves as the bridge between guests, tourism organizations, accommodation providers and tourism service providers.

Our close cooperation with tourism associations and web designers is an example of this.

News Area

Using our News Area, we provide you with the most current subjects in tourism. The News Area unites all news channels from the classic newsletter and press releases to blogs, youtube, facebook activities and much more.

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Good product + motivated team = satisfied customers

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