Anton-Melzer-Straße 10

A-6020 Innsbruck (Austria)



Unterlängenfeld 79
A-6444 Längenfeld (Austria)

The first steps

Hendrik Maat, owner of the computing company “OCIS” in Längenfeld recognized the need for a simple booking solution in a customer meeting.


1 becomes 2

After a year of the tiring search to get a system up and running himself, Hendrik Maat sought out the support of Gerhard Vorster.


The first easybooking employee

In addition to a previously trained apprentice, the first employee with focus on “easybooking” was hired at OCIS.

turn of 2007/ 2008

easybooking GmbH

The establishment of easybooking GmbH based in Längenfeld arose from the cooperation between Gerhard Vorster and Hendrik Maat.

April 2008

Over 100 customers, but still too few

120 customers were already working with easybooking, but this was not enough to independently finance easybooking. easybooking continued to be carried by OCIS

Support by the ERV

The Europäische Reiseversicherung (ERV - European Travel Insurance Company) financed the integration of the ERV into the easybooking booking mask and enabled guests to take out travel insurance.

December 2008

facebook as an online shop

Jürgen Rohrer, owner of the Apfelhof family guesthouse triggered a change in thinking at easybooking with his question about the option of online booking in facebook.

end 2009

Worldwide attention

JULIA was integrated into Facebook, and thus achieved worldwide attention as we were the first company commercializing Facebook in this way.

January 2010

Creathor Venture

Creathor Venture, a venture capital company, showed interest in the solutions and invested in the company which at that point already had 10 employees.

January 2010

Rolling Stones, Vin Diesel and many more

With the iframe Wrapper and the product Shopshare, the company was recognized thanks to customers such as Nena, Rolling Stones, Redcoon and KissFM.

March 2010

500 installations per day

The company's IT department was put to the test with 500 installations per day, and successfully proved its scalability.

June 2010

zadego GmbH

The company name easybooking was changed to zadego GmbH to bring together the solutions iframe Wrapper, Shopshare and easybooking. The company was focusing on social media solutions with Hendrik Maat as the social media guru.

June 2010

120,000 customers

The then 120,000 customers using the zadego GmbH solutions, shrank to 1000 customers when a fee of EUR 5 per month started to be charged for the product. At the same time, trust in facebook dwindled.

2011 - 2012

Sales cooperation

At the same time, interest in easybooking grew, and Herold looked for a solution for their travel platform, starting a sales cooperation, which ended after the test phase due to “irreconcilable differences”.

End 2012

The end of social media

zadego GmbH stopped programming social media solutions and concentrated on the growing demand for easybooking. A dedicated sales team was established.

Mit 2013


With the strategic partner “Feratel", a close partnership was established which has since been a successful cooperation and enables mutual products for tourism.

February 2014

New office in Innsbruck

The office in Innsbruck, where we had moved a year before, was enlarged due to the growth of the company.

January 2015

easybooking Germany

In addition to the existing locations in Innsbruck and Eisenstadt, zadego Deutschland GmbH was established with a head office in Berlin.

February 2015

Largest PMS provider

easybooking becomes the largest PMS provider in the region, with 2500 Austrian customers.

End 2015

Training network for everyone

The easybooking Academy provides weekly training opportunities (instructions, video tutorials, webinars and workshops) for easybooking customers.

Start 2016

easybooking in the classroom

The Bludenz Tourism School is the first educational institution to integrate JULIA into its curriculum.

June 2016

easybooking expands the product palette

In addition to the existing JULIA product range, new offerings are introduced; the Deskline websites, Deskline Channel Manager, Tourism Statistics and the SARA app.

March 2017

Real-time data: Booking Monitor

In cooperation with Österreich Werbung, easybooking visualizes bookings on a digital world map in real time. The so-called "Booking Monitor" was presented at the 1st Austrian Tourism Day and since then stands in the entrance area of the Österreich Werbung in Vienna.

September 2017

easybooking keynote

At a kick-off event with 200 tourism professionals, CEO Hendrik Maat will be presenting his visions on the digitization of tourism and how rental with easybooking will change over the next few years.

January 2018 is part of easybooking

easybooking takes over the most representative domain for Austria and expands the offer of the renowned tourism platform for landlords, regions and travelers.

June 2018

New family member: SARA

At the ITB, easybooking is introducing the free guest app SARA for the first time: mobile travel management and one-click communication between guest and accommodation are revolutionizing guest communication. SARA starts with 100 daily installations!

February 2018

And where can we insert you into our time line? is part of easybooking

easybooking takes over the probably most representative domain for Austria and expands the offer of the renowned tourism platform for hosts, regions and travellers.

June 2018

SARA Communication

SARA Communication - the new chat function of the free guest app SARA enables hosts and travelers to chat with each other directly via smartphone.

April 2019

Direct interface to Airbnb

Only a few providers have the opportunity to set up an interface to the platform every quarter - easybooking is one of them! Thanks to intensive and good cooperation, a direct interface to Airbnb is now available.

May 2019

Full service for the smallest hosts

With a new "We-Do-It-For-You" solution we accompany even the smallest hosts to an attractive web presence, more bookings and satisfied guests.

July 2019

Our team is growing!

Together with more than 5,500 customers, the easybooking team is also growing! In the summer of 2019 the office space is slowly but surely becoming too small and we are moving to Hypo-Passage 2 in Innsbruck.